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June 19, 2009, 1:45 am
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 I try to do a little reading everyday shortly after I get home. It doesn’t always happen, and when it does, it only lasts for about 15 mins. I have a one year old that’s typically very excited when dad gets home, and he could care less about the book or books I’m trying to get through.

The Brand Gap by Marty Numier is a really simple read and has some great thoughts on organizational branding. I’m the communications director for Trinity in Jacksonville, FL, so among other things, it interested me.

I came across a statement during the read that really stuck with me:

“Some of the most promising ideas have died quick and painful deaths, not because people didn’t WANT them, but because the products [ideas] didn’t make sense at the point of contact.”

I’m convinced this is a truth that goes way beyond the marketplace. I’ve been thinking about this as it relates to the way we communicate with our community (ministry perspective) and our neighbors (personal perspective).

I sometimes stop and look around at everything God is doing and think, who doesn’t want to be a part of something like this? The answer is no one. People do want it. Everyone wants faith, hope, love, grace and purpose. I’m not sure that the way we’re displaying our faith, or talking about what God is doing, always makes sense at the point of contact when it intersects with people’s lives.

I’m not completely sure what this does look like, but I know we live in reality. If our faith (what we’re saying and doing), or whatever we’re trying to communicate, isn’t impacting individual’s present realities, we’re going to be ineffective at the point of contact.

Just a simple (or maybe complex?) thought to toss around.


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Wow! good analogy, any other good reads lately?

Comment by leetomlin

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