the little things matter
June 22, 2009, 10:12 pm
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I ate lunch today at our rescue mission in downtown Jacksonville with the Executive Director, Jim. As we’re eating, someone walks in and passes on a message that a pallet of t-shirts had just been donated and delivered.

I could see the appreciation and excitement about the delivery on Jim’s face. He commented to me, “the little things make the difference.”

I’ll be honest, as I sat there, that truth didn’t quite do anything for me. I was thinking about the enormous amount of support necessary to run the mission on a daily basis. The volunteers, the food, the staff and the funding seemed, to me, to be the most important thing, and we hadn’t talked about any of those. Jim was exited about the little things.

It hit me later on, that I had completely missed it. While all I could see was the entire scope of the operation, they saw the vision of the mission being accomplished in a pallet of t-shirts. Someone (or business) had seen the need and invested in the cause by providing hope to the hurting in our city.

How many times have we missed seeing the victory, or the vision being accomplished right in front of us, because we couldn’t see past the enormous (seemingly never ending) amount of work in front of us?

The little things matter. I’m looking for them.


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Thanks for the reminder! It is so easy to overlook the little things, looking for big results, but if I would just acknowledge all of the little things, added up, they make up some great results!

Comment by leetomlin

Daniel, I just found your blog while surfing the Internet tonight. Your thoughts are most interesting, especially this one re: the little things of life. It reminded me of an old Southern gospel classic entitled, “Little Is Much When God is in It.” If you haven’t heard it, I challenge you to look it up some time.

Comment by Katie C. Callaway

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