5 communication ideas for the “not-so-simple” church
June 26, 2009, 11:47 pm
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Here are a few ideas for effective communication for those who are blessed with many ministries in the “not-so-simple” church.

1. Start from vision/mission
Whether your ministry is streamlined or spreadout, understand that effective communication will reflect the vision and mission of the church. This can be seen in consistent descriptions, common verbiage and inter-connectivity among ministries.

2. Create a plan
Thought through, organized communication is noticeable. Random, shotgun communication is confusing. Before you get creative, get organized.

3. Embrace levels of priority
This idea can be a tough sell among layers of staff or volunteers, but if implemented, will bring focus and impact when you speak. When communicating with larger goups, you can connect with a few, or you can connect with everyone based on the relevance of your message. Some messages/announcements should never make it to the main platform. Be a priority filter.

4. Get creative
The message is dependent on the medium. Great plans never get off the ground unless people get what it is your talking about. Find creative people and let them add the color and wow factor to your communication plan. Black and white doesn’t cut it; those movies passed off the scene decades ago. 

5. Tell your story
If we begin to look at our ministries as the story God is writing in the lives of the people around us, we’ll want to tell it. Instead of dates, times and locations; share decisions, growth and life change. Trust me, your church and your community are way more interested in that.


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