A More Excellent Way
July 26, 2010, 5:56 pm
Filed under: church life

Occasionally, when I’m reading, a phrase or idea will really stick out to me. That happened to me this morning while I was doing some devotional reading In I Corinthians.

In chapter 12 Paul is teaching about how the church functions together as one body. He describes the talents, gifts, and positions that God had blessed the church with. About the time we’re beginning to think that the success of the local church relies on our individual contributions and giftedness, Paul throws a major curve ball  into the conversation and begins to layout what he calls “a more excellent way.”

The “more excellent way” is Love. In chapter 13, Paul begins to wreak havoc on those who would turn church life into an analytical collection of spiritual one-liners, lifeless theology and religious action-steps.

Our message without Love is just noise, our theology without Love has no purpose, and our religious actions without love are taking us nowhere fast.

After thinking about this today, it drives me crazy that the “more excellent way” is not a simple action step to check off of the list. It is an idea, it is open-ended, it applies to everything, it changes everything, and I guess that is exactly the point.


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