Wearing Jeans In Church
October 12, 2010, 10:56 pm
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Not to long ago, while heading to work, a radio ad for a church came on. The ad gave special focus (about 4 separate mentions) to the fact that you could wear jeans in church. Statements like: “wear jeans to church? No way!” and “the pastor will have his jeans on.”

Let me say up front, I’m cool with jeans in church. In fact, personally, give me a latte, pair of jeans and my flip-flops (or my TOMS depending on how super cool I’m feeling) and I’m completely comfortable in a worship service. But, the message of the radio ad really misses the mark.

I think often, like the ad, we have short opportunities to communicate with our neighbors, friends, and gas station attendants about the local church we are connected to. Probably many times, we have less than 60 seconds. And, we often focus our message on style over substance.

I’m convinced that the “unchurched” public at-large has little thought about the “bells and whistles” that make for easy talking points about the way we do ministry.

With your 60 seconds, make the message clear and make it powerful. The Gospel and the life of Jesus flowing through the church changes lives.

Jeans in church are cool. Life change is cooler.


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Well said sir

Comment by Tabb

Spot on.

Comment by Joe

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